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Expert Opinion Letter Template for a Specialty Occupation RFE (H-1B)

Updated: May 29, 2021

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  • Purchase a customized H-1B Expert Opinion Letter template if your attorney or employer has identified an expert


What goes into an Expert Opinion Letter from ProfVal?

When ProfVal crafts an Expert Opinion Letter, we produce a highly detailed and customized letter written by one of the 100+ distinguished experts affiliated with ProfVal. To ensure a consistent quality level, we follow an intense multi-step process that includes:

  • General qualifications assessment. In this step, we determine the appropriate service(s) and expert(s) for a client. If we do not believe that we can successfully help a client, we may indicate that there is not a fit for our services.

  • The creation of a client’s foundational template. In this step, documentation is input into a template in a format routinely accepted by the USCIS.

  • Background research. For certain visas, our internal team compiles a deep study of a petitioner’s background and their industry that guides an expert’s evaluation based on the requirements of the visa. We ensure that all required documents are included and, when they are not, request additional documentation.

  • Evaluation drafts. After an expert completes their first draft, our internal team conducts a review based on: content, wording, sentence structure, and any other factors that may affect the quality of the letter.

  • Client review. Clients always have the opportunity to review their letters for accuracy and sometimes make suggestions that the expert has the option of including within the letter. The first review is free.

In other words, an effective template is an essential step to producing an Expert Opinion Letter. When effectively crafted, it helps the expert to organize their letter based on a routinely accepted approach that helps him or her include the essential elements of your letter. The interpretation, however, remains with the expert.

While ProfVal's templates for each type of Expert Opinion Letter that we produce are customized, H-1B specialty occupation responses have the greatest degree of standardization of any type of expert opinion letter we produce. To get an idea of what an H-1B Specialty Occupation response sample should include, see the general sections below.

Expert Opinion Letter template for a specialty occupation RFE (H-1B)

*The following H1B Specialty Occupation RFE response sample of content assumes that a position and beneficiary meet the USCIS requirements.

While some companies seem to reuse a completed letter with little or no modification from the expert as their template, the team at ProfVal sees the goal of a template as providing clarity in instructions for an expert -- it's not the letter itself. It helps him or her to understand what and why certain content must be included.

The basic content for an H-1B Expert Opinion Letter is below.

  • Heading segment. Expert credentials, purpose of letter and general findings, date.

  • Overview of letter. General overview of what the letter sought to investigate, along with the expert’s findings.

  • Expert’s credentials. To write an Expert Opinion Letter that has a strong chance of acceptance, an expert must demonstrate their qualifications related to the position and beneficiary. See ProfVal’s onboarding page to see our requirements.

  • Company overview. The expert must demonstrate an understanding of the company to fully understand how the responsibilities align to the objectives of the company.

  • Position duties. Each position duty must be listed along with an explanation of how the position meets specialty occupation requirements. In some cases, the expert may discuss the beneficiary’s qualifications.

  • What are specialty occupation requirements?

  • Do I qualify for a specialty occupation?

  • What is a specialty occupation RFE?

  • What are common reasons for a specialty occupation RFE?

  • In-Depth Evaluation. In the evaluation, the expert provides an in-depth discussion that explains why the position meets specialty occupation requirements. In particular, the expert should explain why the duties are so specialized and complex that they would require the attainment of a bachelor's degree or above. Sometimes, the discussion includes the beneficiary’s background, particularly if the USCIS questioned the beneficiary's credentials (learn more about specialty occupation requirements and beneficiary qualifications).

  • Conclusions.

Purchase a customized H-1B Expert Opinion Letter template if your attorney or employer has identified an expert

First, we do not recommend purchasing a template only since it represents a set of instructions for an expert and does not include any interpretation from the expert. If you would like to receive a quote for an H-1B Expert Opinion Letter, please click here.

However, some petitioners and law firms already work with an expert and may benefit from purchasing a template only. A completed template includes the core objective content about the position and beneficiary along with certain verbiage that must be included so that an expert can write his or her evaluation based on specialty occupation requirements. It does not include any interpretation from our team or an expert and is not a completed letter. If you would like to input your information to create a template, you can do so by using our pre-approved H-1B Opinion Letter portal along with the following code:

Pre-approved H-1B Expert Opinion Letter Portal

Discount code (inputted into Attorney Loyalty code field): TemplateOnlyNoInterpretationProvided

*Code provides 65% off of the price of a full evaluation. You will only receive the template -- no expert interpretation will be provided. This is for use if you have an expert who is willing and qualified to write an Expert Opinion Letter on your behalf.

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