Recent Testimonials

We have completed evaluations that supported the successful applications of talented individuals who are now employed at: nonprofits, startups, Fortune 500 businesses, and other organizations.  Because we are a small company that only accepts cases that we believe fit with USCIS requirements, we treat each case with a high degree of professionalism and care.  To learn more about our guarantees, click here.  If you need legal representation, we may be able to suggest a law firm here.

Nikki (Oct 2019) - Work Experience Evaluation / Academic Equivalency

"Zach's services come highly recommended from me... The communication was extremely easy with quick replies and even an initial call with Zach so that he had a clear understanding of my case. There was no hidden fees and Zach was very clear about where he would begin charging. He has a great repertoire of contacts and highly regarded individuals should you need them to attest to your case. Zach was very fair with his time and I would recommend his services to anyone." 

Context: Nikki is a talented interior designer from a Ireland where bachelor's degrees are completed in 3 years, not 4.  The USCIS issued an RFE questing whether her bachelor's degree, along with her work experience, was equivalent to a US bachelor's degree.  She received an academic equivalency evaluation that demonstrated the US equivalence of her her degree (a 3 year degree) along with a work experience evaluation that examined how her years of experience, in addition to her academic studies, would correspond to a US bachelor's degree.  These evaluations supplemented her talented lawyer's efforts and led to her successful H-1B application.  Nikki will certainly help her company to succeed!

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