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EB-1 Expert Opinion Letters

Expert Opinion Letters (EOL)s for EB-1 visa petitions

An EB-1 Expert Opinion Letter (EOL) from ProfVal is an important, highly customized document that provides evidence of your extraordinary ability in relation to your planned endeavor. 

A distinguished expert within a field relevant to your background will deliver a highly customized and detailed letter that discusses your background in relation to the requirements of the visa you are applying for.


The EB visa category was introduced as part of the

bipartisan Immigration Act of 1990. Its signors understood

that the U.S. becomes more successful when talented people make 

contributions here.


What does an EB-1 Opinion Letter focus on?

To qualify for an EB-1 visa, the petitioner must provide evidence that she or he is a person of extraordinary ability within the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics and plan an endeavor within an area relevant to that discipline. You can learn more about some of the types of achievements that would and would not meet stringent requirements of the EB-1 in our whitepaper on this topic.

Based on these requirements, an expert or experts from ProfVal would provide a highly detailed interpretation of your endeavor based on USCIS criteria. In brief, the expert will provide an assessment of evidence including: national or internationally-recognized awards, membership in exclusive associations, materials that have been published about you, your research contributions (books, articles, or other publications), and other documents that fit with the criteria considered by the USCIS.

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