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What we do is create the best Expert Opinion Letters, Professional Plans, and Business Plans available

We do this because it is important. It makes the US better, more fair. It helps incredibly talented people realize their dreams.

What is ProfVal's purpose?

In 1848, Horace Mann famously described education as "the great equalizer of the conditions of men, the balance wheel of the social machinery".


At ProfVal, we believe that education, effort, and perseverance are equalizers, but only when employment and educational opportunities are also equal. ProfVal's purpose and reason for existence is to improve equality in employment opportunities. By providing high quality, research-based Expert Opinion Letters, we play an important role in facilitating opportunities for talented women and men.  By donating part of our profits through to charities that increase educational opportunities for under-served communities, we seek to make educational opportunities more equal.

In support of this purpose, we offer the following:

The story behind our purpose

Our services help entrepreneurs, individuals, and entrepreneurs succeed through the support of their employment-based visas.  That's what we do. But we are motivated by the human stories behind each evaluation we produce; there are dreams, aspirations, and, in many cases, meaningful professional and personal relationships shared between a job candidate and a sponsoring employer. These stories have a particularly deep meaning for one of our founders.

Before she was my wife, Diana was in the US on an employment-based work visa. Whether through her employer or our marriage, we found the visa process difficult and stressful.  A denial would have upended her career and the shared life we had created together.  I learned as much about the visa process as possible and, over time, realized that I could help talented people and companies who face some of the stresses we faced. In each client we work with, I empathize with their story... their story was our story.” ~ Zach (Co-founder)

We founded ProfVal, LLC because foreign workers are talented and ambitious people who offer valuable capabilities that benefit the companies, nonprofits, and governmental entities within the United States for whom they work. Did you know that US visa programs are designed to make US companies more competitive? By helping talented foreign workers to come here, US companies are less apt to offshore their operations, they are more able to compete, and are more able to compete in the competitive global market.

Motivated by the belief that our services help to improve the competitiveness of US companies and the lives of workers, evaluators within our community have completed high quality successful evaluations for Fortune 500 corporations, nonprofits, and small businesses. Using our secure proprietary technologies, we provide our clients with a personalized but efficient process that ensures that we offer the best evaluations within the industry.

Select members of ProfVal

Zachary Johnson, Ph.D.: With over a decade of experience across three separate AACSB-accredited business schools, Zach is an expert in understanding procedures, curriculum, equivalencies, and requirements within the academic environment. In addition to completing successful expert evaluations, he regularly consults with employers to understand their needs within an educational and employment context.  He has completed evaluations for dozens of organizations including: members of the Fortune 500, nonprofit enterprises, start-ups, and small businesses.


He has contributed to business knowledge, both as an expert in news outlets. He has recently been cited in leading outlets such as Zippia (the career expert)US News & World ReportMSN MoneyNewsdayAdelphi Business ReviewPledge it ForwardAACSB, and Credit Donkey. His publications have been in outlets including: Journal of Consumer Psychology, Marketing Education Review, Journal of Brand Management, Corporate Reputation Review, and the Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics.

Colleen Wright: Colleen is highly organized, detail-oriented, and a strong researcher. She manages many of our cases and plays a key role in the organization of ProfVal. She is an experienced writer and often compiles evidence from reputable sources to support our clients' needs when applying for complex petitions.

Alexandra VanDerlykeStarting her career twenty years ago as an environmental scientist, Alexandra has a strong background in research and problem solving. She is an experienced curriculum writer and analyst. At ProfVal, she researches universities and professors to find the most qualified professionals to provide our clients with high quality expert opinion letters.


S. Diana Sen (Advisor): Diana has approximately 15 years of consulting experience across the Fortune 100 in areas including strategy, supply chain, and operations.

Simon Rycraft (Advisor): Simon is a profit and operations improvement specialist/advisor working with startups through to the Fortune 500. 

Zane Johnson (Advisor)

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