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Discipline Coverage & Requirements of Experts

Who are the 100+ U.S.A.-based Experts who work with ProfVal?

To qualify as an expert with ProfVal, one must demonstrate exceptional or extraordinary ability via on a combination of academic credentials, publications, work history, and/or other significant accomplishments. 

You can view our requirements on our expert onboarding page

Every expert we work with is based in the United States and most 
are professors at accredited US colleges or universities who have earned terminal degrees within their disciplines, teach, have won awards, and produce valuable intellectual contributions (i.e. peer-reviewed research, presentations, or artistic achievements). 

Some are department chairs, assistant or associate deans, or deans.  Other experts are leaders in their field based on significant achievements within their discipline (i.e. winning an academy award, winning an Olympic medal, obtaining a terminal degree, or managing major projects within their discipline).
Before making a payment with ProfVal, you have the option to request an anonymized version of an expert's background. While identifying information is removed to protect the integrity of our evaluation process
, we can provide information about their areas of expertise, degree levels, journals that they have published in, or the types of awards they received.

Why are expert's identities kept confidential until an evaluation is produced?

An expert should never feel compelled to write an evaluation that they do not agree with. By maintaining their confidentiality until an evaluation is produced, an expert can accept an evaluation based solely on the merits of the petitioner or beneficiary. Experts must have the opportunity to turn down an evaluation without penalty if they are too busy, know the person being evaluated, or do not feel that the credentials fit their requirements.

Selected Discipline Coverage

Math Teacher

100+ Experts & Dozens of sub-disciplines

We work with some of the top experts in the U.S. across dozens of disciplines. If we don't already work with an expert in your area of need, we may still be able to find the right person.

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Recognized thought leaders

A key indicator of an academic's influence is the number of citations from their work. Combined across all areas, the faculty we work with have more citations of their work than many accredited US colleges.

Woman on Podium

World-renowned credentials

The experts we work with have won awards, been honored, and share our ethical commitment to the evaluation process.  We work together with you to ensure that an expert with the right background completes your evaluation.

All professors we work with have earned their degrees from accredited universities and are affiliated with accredited, ranked US colleges and Universities. Industry leaders have titles such as director, VP, or other leadership roles.

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