Who are the dozens of experts who work with ProfVal?

For ProfVal to consider someone an expert, she or he must have demonstrated a high degree of expertise based on a combination of academic credentials, publications, work history, and/or other significant accomplishments that have meaning within the discipline.  Most of the experts we work with are professors at accredited US colleges or universities who have earned terminal degrees within their disciplines, teach, have won awards, and produce valuable intellectual contributions (i.e. peer-reviewed research, presentations, or artistic achievements).  Some are department chairs, assistant or associate deans, or deans.  Other experts are leaders in their field based on significant achievements within their discipline (i.e. winning an academy award, winning an Olympic medal, obtaining a terminal degree, or managing major projects within their discipline).


Prior to completing an evaluation, we will provide you with the background information of the expert(s) who we believe fit well with your needs so that you can confirm that her or his background fits with your needs.

If you believe you are qualified to work with us, please apply here.  Please note that we have strict criteria for inclusion within our network and there are many reasons that someone may not qualify.

80 + Experts

Dozens of sub-disciplines

We work with some of the top experts in the U.S. across dozens of disciplines. If we don't already work with an expert in your area of need, we may still be able to find the right person.


Thought Leaders

Discipline Coverage

If we don't already work with an expert in your discipline, we will work to identify, on-board, train, and work with the right person

See PDF of current disciplines covered


Accounting - Analytics - Economics - Finance -  General Business - Management - Marketing - Operations - Supply Chain - and others.

All business professors work for or earned their PhDs from AACSB-accredited institutions and maintain their academic credentials through teaching, publications, and university service as required by their universities. The AACSB is the most prestigious business accreditation standard (https://www.aacsb.edu/about). We also work with deans (assistant, associate), directors, and department chairs from accredited US universities.  Outside of academics, we work with industry experts.

Computer Science

CS languages - Data - Analytics - Websites (front and back-end)


Analytics, Civil / Architectural, Industrial

We work with a combination of professors and industry experts.  Professors each work at accredited US universities and have maintained their academic credentials through teaching, research, and service. They understand leading industry standards and some have industry experience. We also work with industry leaders who have worked for organizations such as the DOT.


Design - Production - Sourcing - Supply Chain - Sustainability

We work with professors at some of the top-ranked universities in the US.  Many own their own fashion lines and/or have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Film and Media

Directing - Production - Screen Writing

Each professor we work with is employed by an accredited, highly ranked US university.  The experts we work with have: developed, produced, written, or directed well-known or independent films; some have won Emmy or Academy Awards; and all have deep experience within the film and academic industries.


Food Services - General Hospitality - Nutrition

Medical Professions

Nursing: Informatics - Healthcare Delivery - General Nursing


Medical Doctors

Science: Mathematics, Physics

Statistics - Lasers - Advanced Mathematics - Algebra

Sports and Sports Management

Nonprofit Management - Sports Administration - Sponsorship 

Example elevators: an Olympic medal winner, the Commissioner of an athletic conference, professor of sports management

Other areas


A key indicator of an academic's influence is the number of citations from their work. Combined across all areas, the faculty we work with have more citations of their work than many accredited US colleges.



The experts we work with have won awards, been honored, and share our ethical commitment to the evaluation process.  We work together with you to ensure that an expert with the right background completes your evaluation.

All professors we work with have earned their degrees from accredited universities and are affiliated with accredited, ranked US colleges and Universities. Industry leaders have titles such as director, VP, or other leadership roles.

Logos represent the academic credential(s) or current affiliation(s) of some of the experts who write evaluations through ProfVal.  Logos do not represent any affiliation with or endorsement by any of the above Colleges or Universities with ProfVal, or vice versa.

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