Expert Opinion Letters

An Expert Opinion Letter from ProfVal can support a variety of visa types

Letters from the talented experts we work with have been used to successfully support visa applications of entrepreneurs, individuals, small companies, fortune 500 corporations, start-ups, and nonprofits for a variety of visa types.

Also called a "Specialty Occupation Expert Opinion Letter", an H1B Expert Opinion Letter addresses USCIS specialty occupation concerns.

A Work Experience Expert Opinion Letter, typically for an H-1B, examines how your work experience aligns to specialty occupation visa requirements.

An Expert Opinion Letter for an EB-1, EB-2, L1-A, L1-B, or O visa requires a highly detailed analysis that varies based on your background and visa requirements.

What is an Expert Opinion Letter (EOL) and how can an EOL from ProfVal add value?

If the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) determines that you or your candidate do not meet the requirements of your employment-based visa, your petition will be rejected or you will receive a Request for Evidence (RFE). For certain types of visas, most applications receive an RFE.

Denial rates are increasing (1) and "Employers report the time lost due to the increase in denials and Requests for Evidence [RFE] has cost millions of dollars in project delays and contract penalties, while aiding competitors that operate exclusively outside the United States.” (2)  


An Expert Opinion Letter from ProfVal represents an expert's opinion about whether your position, credentials, or candidate's qualifications meet USCIS visa requirements.  An Expert Opinon Letter from ProfVal can supplement your visa petition at various stages, including: an initial application, an RFE, or denial appeal. 

Try, for a moment, to step into the shoes of a USCIS agent. Her academic and professional background is very different than yours. And for that reason, she may be unfamiliar with your business or your area(s) of expertise and may question both. An Expert Opinion Letter from ProfVal can help to provide her with evidence that increases transparency related to your position or background. In professional, yet relatable terms, an Expert Opinion Letter from ProfVal will help her understand how your position relates to the knowledge, abilities, and specialized background required of your visa.

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*ProfVal and the evaluators we work with always have the right to reject an evaluation if we do not believe that a candidate meets our professional or ethical standards. / contact page / 800.348.0086 / copyright 2019, 2020 Profval LLC 

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