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EB-2 NIW Expert Opinion Letters
& EB-2 NIW Professional Plans

The EB-2 NIW order page can be accessed by qualified petitioners via our automated chat bot, Profi

To reduce the chances of getting an EB-2 NIW RFE or in response to an NIW RFE, an EB-2 NIW Professional Plan, an EB-2 NIW Business Plan, and/or an EB-2 NIW Expert Opinion Letter can be crucial documents that can be used as evidence to address USCIS agents' interpretation of EB-2 NIW requirements for exceptional ability and national interest waiver requirements.

ProfVal's highly customized and research-based approach is designed to build the best EB-2 NIW services possible.

Because these documents can influence whether a petition is approved or denied, ProfVal's team and the distinguished experts we work with craft highly customized professional plans and/or Expert Opinion Letters that focus on the credentials of each client, along with their unique contributions to the United States. Each professional plan and/or Expert Opinion Letter is built upon ProfVal's solid Ph.D.-level research foundation.

Given the importance of these documents, you deserve a customized Professional Plan and an Expert Opinion Letter that is based on ProfVal's approach.

EB-2 NIW Professional Plan 

A detailed and customized research document that describes your proposed endeavor, how your credentials position you to succeed, and its national importance. See a rubric here.

EB-2 NIW Expert Opinion Letter

Following the prongs of Dhanasar (2016), ProfVal works with distinguished experts to craft customized EB-2 NIW Expert Opinion Letters for candidates who have met our qualification criteria.

Resume, Career Services, Academic Transcript Evaluations

Clients may need academic transcript evaluations for degrees earned outside of the U.S. or may request that our team review support letters provided by references. Resume and career services can help you find your dream job or develop a market approach.

Built from successful petitions*

"Mr. D's I-140 National Interest waiver was approved.  I appreciate the work you did and want your team to know that ProfVal's expert opinion letters and professional plan assistance was instrumental in obtaining approval."

Email from Attorney Mr. Andy Strickland, ESQ, an attorney with a record of successfully representing clients in immigration issues.

Our most popular EB-2 NIW services

*ProfVal's prior successes do not guarantee future success.

What is an EB-2 NIW visa and how does a Professional Plan and/or Expert Opinion Letter from ProfVal add value?

The EB-2 NIW order page can be accessed by qualified petitioners via our automated chat bot, Profi


Denis, Chief Financial Officer. 

"We got an approval that you guys did the EOL. Without an RFE, straight approval!!!!"

His Expert Opinion Letter demonstrated how his academic degrees from Brazil, decades of progressive experience, recognition from peers, certifications in accounting and finance, and impressive prior successes would lead to job growth, tax revenues, improved skills for U.S. workers, and strategic financial development. 

*Past results do not guarantee future outcomes

The EB-2 visa is particularly appealing, as it is a permanent work visa based on either an advanced degree or "exceptional ability" that can either be sponsored by an employer or via self-petition.

Almost universally, ProfVal's clients are self-petitioners, which means that they are seeking to have the labor certification waived because of the importance of the petitioner's endeavor and because "it would be beneficial to the United States to waive the requirements of a job offer, and thus the labor certification” (USCIS), thus leading the the National Interest (NIW) requirement.

To assess the requirements of exceptional ability and NIW, the USCIS refers to the precedent established by the Matter of Dhanasar (AAO 2016). Following Dhanasar, ProfVal's EB-2 NIW professional plan and EB-2 NIW Expert Opinion Letters are designed to achieve the following goals, though differently:

  • demonstrate that an endeavor has both substantial merit and national importance

  • establish that the petitioner is well-positioned to succeed based their exceptional ability

  • illustrate that it would, on balance, benefit for the United States to waive the requirements of a job offer and thus of a labor certification

An EB-2 NIW Professional Plan is a first-person narrative that provides a detailed  description of the endeavor and why it is of national importance (see a guide produced by ProfVal). For a self-petitioner, the Professional Plan represents their opportunity to explain their background as it relates to the EB-2 NIW. You may choose to use the guide we have provided or, for a fee, work with the experienced team at ProfVal to develop your Professional Plan. Our work is based upon successful petitions supported by our team.

An EB-2 NIW Expert Opinion Letter, by contrast, is written by a distinguished expert who opines about a petitioner's credentials and on the merits of their endeavor.  

While the format and organization can vary, the sections included are: 

  • An overview of the letter

  • The expert's background and why she/he is qualified to write the letter for the specific petitioner.

  • A description of the endeavor, based on an in-depth description of the industry using our customized approach, why it has substantial merit, national importance, and some discussion of why the petitioner will make a difference. If a NAICS code is provided, we use proprietary data.

  • The petitioner's credentials and why they qualify the petitioner to advance the endeavor. Documents that we refer to commonly include things like:

  • An integrative analysis that combines NIW elements of the industry with the petitioner's qualifications

Do you want to learn more? Check out our chat bot (Profi) or use our contact form to learn about pricing and to get a quote. 

Did you know?

The EB visa category was introduced as part of the bipartisan Immigration Act of 1990. Its signors understood that the U.S. becomes more successful when talented people make 

contributions here.


The approval of your visa makes the USA stronger.

Learn more about the history of the EB visa category and/or how the EB-2 NIW makes the U.S. stronger

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