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Academic Transcript Evaluation

Using standards of AACRAO, NAFSA, TAICEP, NAGAP, and EAIE, an academic transcript evaluation is used to show the U.S. equivalence of your foreign degree (third-party service)

If you earned your bachelor’s or graduate degree outside of the United States, you may need a Foreign Academic Equivalency Evaluation to demonstrate the US equivalence of your degree for a variety of reasons.  ProfVal has negotiated preferred rates and services with a California-based evaluation company to provide our clients with competitive rates and timing for academic transcript evaluations.  Evaluations typically are completed within two to three days.


You may need a foreign academic equivalency evaluation if:

  • You have applied for a US position and earned your degree outside of the U.S.: When applying for certain employment-based visas such as an H-1B, you must demonstrate that you or the candidate you conditionally hired has met the requirement of having earned the US-equivalent of a bachelor's degree.  Because educational standards differ within and across countries, it is important to have an objective evaluation of your degree for visa purposes. Accordingly, a foreign academic equivalency evaluation may be used in conjunction with a specialty occupation evaluation or a work experience evaluation.

  • You have applied to a US college or university: When evaluating your academic credentials, a US college or university may need to verify the US equivalence of your high school or college courses taken overseas.  Students may use an academic transcript evaluation for college admissions, course waivers, or a variety of other reasons.

  • You need to verify your academic credentials for another reason: Clients may need to verify foreign certificates, diplomas, or academic credentials for a variety of reasons.  We can help. 


What is a Foreign Academic Equivalency Evaluation?

A Foreign Academic Equivalency Evaluation is used to evaluate your degree based on recognized US educational standards. Particularly if you are using this evaluation for immigration purposes, your evaluation must comply with internationally-recognized standards accepted by the USCIS.  As these evaluations are highly complex, ProfVal has partnered with the Califorinia-based company that we consider the leading academic credential evaluation service in order to provide you with a transcript evaluation that meets USCIS criteria and follows standards agreed upon by the AACRAO, NAFSA, TAICEP, NAGAP, and EAIE.  In our opinion, these evaluations are better than those provided by competitors and they cost less.


The following languages are supported:  Albanian - Arabic - Armenian - Azerbaijani - Bengali - Bosnian - Bulgarian - Burmese - Catalan - China (Cantonese) - Chinese - Creole - Croatian - Czech - Danish - Dutch - Farsi - Finnish - French - Georgian - German - Greek - Gujarati - Hebrew - Hindi - Hungarian - Indonesian - Italian - Japanese - Kannada - Khmer - Korean - Kygryz - Latin - Latvian - Lithuanian - Macedonian - Malay - Marathi - Moldovian - Mongolian - Nepali - Norwegian - Pashto - Polish - Portuguese - Punjabi - Romanian - Russian - Serbian - Slovak - Slovenian - Somali - Spanish - Swahili - Swedish - Tagalog - Tajik - Tamil - Turkish - Turkmen - Ukrainian - Urdu - Uzbek - Vietnamese

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