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Pedestrian Path

External Resources 

Your path to the U.S. requires effort... lots of effort, actually.

We've identified third-party resources to make things a little bit easier for you.

Graduates Holding Diplomas

Using standards of AACRAO, NAFSA, TAICEP, NAGAP, and EAIE, an academic transcript evaluation is used to show the U.S. equivalence of your foreign degree.


Starting a career in the U.S. is tough.  Resume formatting varies by country and culture. Interviews can be intimidating. Launch your personal brand with help from the best in the career coaching business.

Legal referral

ProfVal doesn't offer legal advice, but we can introduce you to an immigration attorney that we trust.

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Some of our clients have asked for loans.  We don't offer loans, but some companies do.  We check a few times a year for companies that seek to help immigrants.

Image by Razvan Chisu

We've identified and ranked top employers of foreign workers, job search tools that enable you to search by companies willing to sponsor foreign workers, provided resources to make your move to the U.S. a bit easier, and provide information about the H-1B. All content is free.

*Note about referrals. ProfVal does not collect payments from attorneys for referrals.  ProfVal may collect a referral commission from other affiliates. While we have evaluated the companies we refer you to,  ProfVal is not associated with any of the companies that we refer you to.

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