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We've identified resources to make your journey a bit easier

Unless otherwise noted, we earn a commission if you use the services we recommend below.  There is no cost to you for this referral.

Using standards of AACRAO, NAFSA, TAICEP, NAGAP, and EAIE, an academic transcript evaluation is used to show the U.S. equivalence of your foreign degree.  Our clients receive a discount on services, but we do not earn a commission on referrals.

ProfVal doesn't offer legal advice, but we can introduce you to an immigration attorney that we trust.  We do not collect a commission on these referrals.

On, we've identified and ranked top employers of foreign workers, job search tools that enable you to search by companies willing to sponsor foreign workers, provided resources to make your move to the U.S. a bit easier. is a free resource provided by

If your endeavor relates to starting a company, you're going to need to submit all of the documents required to get started.  We do earn a commission if you use this link, but we also incorporated ProfVal using this provider.  These are the things that we think are the most important and believe can help you to show progress in your endeavor (a USCIS criteria for various visa categories):

  • Legal Structure: different legal structures (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corporation, or nonprofit) have varying upsides and downsides. 

  • Federal and State Filing requirements: when forming your organization, you must meet federal and state filing requirements.  If you miss something, that can cause headaches later.

  • Setting up your business bank account.

  • Business tax consultation

  • Having an EIN.

  • Developing an operating agreement

  • Having business contracts in place

  • Ensuring that your business name isn't already owned by someone else

One of the first steps to launching your business will be to purchase your .com, .org, or .net domain.  

There are a number of website creation suites available.  We recommend some that we've reviewed based on usability, price, and the ability to collect payments from clients.  Some of these include: Weebly, Wix, and SquareSpace.

Like millions of other businesses, ProfVal uses Square to accept secure credit card payments.  We use Square because it is a PCI-compliant payments platform.  We also use other secure payment platforms, including Stripe and PayPal, but (at the time of this writing) prefer Square.


Note: At the time that this link was created, Square offered a promotion of free processing on your first $1,000 in sales. Square may change their offers at any time and we will not be aware of it.

Find the best credit card for your business.

get airport lounge access, discounts on business and luxury products, discounted credit card processing, and other benefits.

Pay your employees, offer a 401(k) plan, provide insurance, track time off, and treat your employees well via a platform that keeps you compliant with US employment laws.

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