Make a difference with ProfVal: Expert & Writer onboard form

By working on Expert Opinion Letters and other services with ProfVal in your free time, you receive compensation for assessing the credentials of foreign professionals seeking to work in the United States.  While we seek to only accept qualified clients, experts and members of our writing team receive compensation for supportive or unsupportive letters.

By focusing on accuracy within letters, we seek to make the U.S. a better, stronger place. When qualified applicants legally work in the United States, these people contribute to job creation and other benefits in the United States. Part of profits are donated to charity through

To complete contract work with ProfVal, you must meet our requirements for being a writer or an expert, which are listed below:

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Writer/Editor Qualifications

Exceptional technical writing skills, the ability to complete complex research documents, have completed your bachelor's degree program OR have completed substantial progress in a program that requires deep writing and research skills, a detail-oriented approach.

Expert Qualifications - meet one or more of the following:

1. Terminal Degree & tenure-track faculty position at a U.S. university (PhD, MD, EdD, DO, DSc, DSW, CPA, etc.) and a faculty role.  In most cases, this requires that the expert has 3+ peer-reviewed publications.


2. A major international award such as a: Nobel Prize, Pulitzer, Olympic Medal, or award of similar prestige.

3. Leadership role at the VP, Director, C-Suite, or comparable within a public company. Executives within private companies can be considered if the individual meets the requirements shown in point #

4. A bachelor's degree along with at least two of the following:

  • 10+ years of experience

  • A national or international award

  • A license to practice in your profession

  • Membership or leadership in a professional association

  • Scholarship in your field

  • Evidence of your: commercial, professional, artistic, or athletic success

  • Leadership role in a business or nonprofit

  • Evidence of material published about you for your success or contributions

  • Recognition from your industry for your achievements

  • Other evidence of your expertise within your field

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