Experts are appreciated here

You can use your expertise to help companies and nonprofits with US operations to become more competitive, as your evaluation(s) provide evidence of the requirements of a position and/or a candidate's academic credentials.  Helping companies and changing lives - that's what you'll do.

To ensure that each expert provides the service level that our clients expect, each professor must meet stringent qualification criteria and complete some internal training.  

To qualify as expert with ProfVal, one must typically meet at least one of the following criteria:

1. Terminal Degree (PhD, MD, EdD, DO, DSc, DSW, CPA, etc.) and a faculty role.  In most cases, this requires that the expert has 3+ peer-reviewed publications.

2. A bachelor's degree along with at least two of the following:

  • 10+ years of experience

  • A national or international award

  • A license to practice in your profession

  • Membership or leadership in a professional association

  • Scholarship in your field

  • Evidence of your: commercial, professional, artistic, or athletic success

  • Leadership role in a business or nonprofit

  • Evidence of material published about you for your success or contributions

  • Recognition from your industry for your achievements

  • Other evidence of your expertise within your field

3. A major international award such as a: Nobel Prize, Pulitzer, Olympic Medal, or award of similar prestige.

4. Leadership role at the VP, Director, C-Suite, or comparable in a global organization with over $1BN in gross revenues.

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