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Our purpose is to promote equality of opportunity.

We support this purpose by providing research-based and highly customized services, sharing free content on our blog, and by donating part of our profits to nonprofit organizations.

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Our Core Services

A highly customized evaluation  regarding whether a position or an individual's credentials meet visa requirements.

Your professional narrative based on your endeavor goals and aligned to the requirements of your EB-1, EB-2, E-2, O-1, or L-1 immigration visa petition. 

Resumes, Support Letters, & Key Documents

Our talented writing team can also help with immigration resumes, support letter co-drafting, or other professional editing activities.

We provide crucial documentation for employment-based visa petitions

They contribute to the National Interests of the United States by making us richer culturally, more financially secure, and healthier in mind and body.

We love our clients

Immigration Attorneys

Most of our clients are referred to us through immigration attorneys. When attorneys need EOLs, Professional Plans, or Business Plans, they choose ProfVal.

Nonprofits & do-gooders

ProfVal's purpose is to make the U.S.A a better and more equal place. We support this goal through our services, giving through, and by providing discounts to the do-gooders who make the U.S.A a kinder place.


Some start small businesses, while others played integral roles in founding enterprises valued in the millions. We've seen a unicorn or two.

Colleges, Schools, & Universities

If you combine the research impact of the 100+ experts we work with, it would exceed most small colleges. It's not surprising that educational institutions choose ProfVal.

Persons of Extraordinary or Exceptional Ability

They are some of the world's best artists, doctors, business leaders, pilots, and 


People like you

If you can demonstrate that you meet the requirements of of your visa and have legal representation, we would love to work with you!

Big & Small Employers

Sometimes, our clients are small companies with just a few employees. Sometimes, they are much larger (Adobe, Amazon, Bain & Co., Cognizant, Microsoft, Salesforce, Netflix, PwC., SoFi) 

Our Values: ProfVal's purpose and reason for existence is to improve equality in employment opportunities.

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