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ProfVal is the purpose-driven provider of highly customized Expert Opinion Letter (EOL)s, Immigration Resumes, & Immigration Business & Professional plans

Everything we do is supported by a foundation of PhD-level research


They are or work for small and large nonprofits, universities, and well-known companies (Adobe, Amazon, Bain & Co., Cognizant, Microsoft, Salesforce, Netflix, PwC., SoFi)


Some start small businesses, while others played integral roles in founding enterprises valued in the millions. We've seen a unicorn or two.

Artists, Doctors, athletes, and other professionals

In a various ways, they contribute to National Interests of the U.S. through improvements in health, happiness, financial standing, and culture.

Immigration Attorneys

Most of our clients are referred to us through immigration attorneys. When attorneys need EOLs, Professional Plans, or Business Plans, they choose us.

 In 1848, Horace Mann famously described education as "the great equalizer of the conditions of men, the balance wheel of the social machinery".


We believe that education, effort, and perseverance are equalizers, but only when employment and educational opportunities are also equal. ProfVal's purpose and reason for existence is to improve equality in employment opportunities.


By providing high quality, ethically-produced, research-based Expert Opinion Letters or Business and Professional Plans, ProfVal seeks to play an important role in facilitating opportunities for talented women and men who have worked tirelessly to become remarkably talented professionals within their chosen fields. When people work hard and meet the requirements of visas that would enable them to succeed, we work hard to help them and their attorneys.


We seek to increase education surrounding employment-based visas by publishing free content on our research blog and on By donating part of our profits to charities that increase educational opportunities for under-served communities, we seek to make educational opportunities more equal (

Business Presentation

Business & Professional Plans for Immigration

As part of an EB-1 or EB-2 NIW petition, you may need to develop a professional plan that explains your endeavor. Sometimes, you may need a business plan to explain how your business will make the USA stronger.

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