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Our Purpose: In 1848, Horace Mann famously described education as "the great equalizer of the conditions of men, the balance wheel of the social machinery". We believe that education, effort, and perseverance are equalizers, but only when employment and educational opportunities are also equal. ProfVal's purpose and reason for existence is to improve equality in employment opportunities. By providing high quality, research-based Expert Opinion Letters, we play an important role in facilitating opportunities for talented women and men.  By donating part of our profits through to charities that increase educational opportunities for under-served communities, we seek to make educational opportunities more equal.

Expert Opinion Letters

An Expert Opinion Letter may be used for various reasons, such as: to demonstrate whether or why a position meets specialty occupation (H-1B) requirements, to support an EB, L1, or O visa application, to discuss a candidate's qualifications, or other reasons related to employment-based visas.

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