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H-1B Expert Opinion Purchase Portal
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Services & Descriptions

Standard Specialty Occupation Letter

ProfVal’s professional evaluators will examine the position duties with relation to best practices within an academic and/or professional setting and offer an expert opinion indicating whether the position requires at least a bachelor’s degree.

Specialty Occupation Letter w/ Discussion of Academic Qualifications

In addition to discussing the duties of the position, you may also require a discussion of the appropriateness of the candidate's academic credentials based on USCIS criteria. In this type of letter, an expert will specifically discuss the relevance of a candidate's academic background.


In an interview, the evaluator (typically a professor) and a member of the ProfVal team will speak with the candidate’s supervisor to glean first-hand knowledge of the company, the role, and the duties of the position. Interviews thus provide first-hand knowledge that reduce the probability of claims that the evaluator is unfamiliar with the position.

Entry-Level Analysis

Sometimes, it is important to discuss the position based on it being an entry-level position, as would occur when a level-1 wage is offered.  This analysis is important because the USCIS can question a position for being too complicated for an entry-level role.

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