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H-1B Expert Opinion Letter

also called a specialty occupation expert opinion letter

What is an H-1B Expert Opinion Letter?

An Expert Opinion Letter for an H-1B is used to address USCIS specialty occupation requirements related to a position and/or a beneficiary's qualifications. ProfVal's experts have written letters on behalf of candidates now employed by Fortune 500 companies, consulting firms, small businesses, startups, and nonprofits.

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In the second quarter of 2020, 35.8%

of H1-B petitions received an RFE.

Approximately 68.2% of petitions received 

an approval after an RFE. 

For comparison, 22.3% of petitions

in 2015 received an RFE.

USCIS, Form I-129 Quarterly reports (FY 2015-2020 Q2)


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The reason for this increase is largely due to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) seeking out a higher standard of proof for approving these petitions, as required by an April 2017 Presidential Executive Order (2) and subsequent USCIS memorandums (3).

An H-1B Expert Opinion Letter from ProfVal can help USCIS agents ascertain: i) whether your position meets specialty occupation requirements (an H-1B is a specialty occupation visa) and ii) whether or how you or your candidate’s credentials meet the criteria for the position offered.  ProfVal’s expert opinion letters will include an in-depth expert analysis completed and signed by an expert within the candidate’s discipline.  


An H-1B expert opinion letter from ProfVal can thus help a USCIS agent understand your case and may reduce the probability of an Request for Information (RFE), rejection letter after an RFE, or other delays

What kind of H-1B Expert Opinion Letter do I need?

What must your letter address?

It needs to discuss the position only

It needs to discuss the position & academic credentials

I need a Standard Specialty Occupation (H-1B) Evaluation.
I need a Specialty Occupation (H-1B) Evaluation that discusses my academic credentials

It needs to show the US equivalence of a foreign degree

You may need an academic transcript evaluation

It needs to discuss how work experience is equal to a degree

You may need a work experience evaluation

I earned my degree at an accredited US college or university

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