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ProfVal offers expert opinion letters (specialty occupation and work experience), academic transcript evaluations, and free referrals to immigration law firms.

Typically, when someone visits our page they need...

a specialty occupation evaluation (typically H-1B)

..which is an expert opinion letter demonstrating that a position qualifies as a specialty occupation and, when necessary, addresses the candidate's qualifications.

a work experience evaluation (typically for an H-1B)

... which is an expert opinion letter explaining how your or your candidate's work experience is equivalent to a bachelor's degree.

an Academic Transcript Evaluation

... which is used demonstrate how a degree earned outside of the US is equivalent to a US degree equivalent

a referral to an immigration law practice

ProfVal does not offer legal advice, as we are not lawyers.  But we are happy to refer to you an immigration lawyer for free.  These firms are not affiliated with ProfVal.

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