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Business Plans & Professional Plans for Immigration

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An immigration plan is
your story

ProfVal's team of professional writers and experts will help you to communicate your professional narrative

When issuing an EB-1, EB-2 NIW, or E-2 Request for Evidence (RFE), it is common for the USCIS to request "a detailed description of the proposed endeavor". 

In situations like this, you may need a customized professional plan or a business plan from ProfVal – and, in some cases, both.


Depending on the visa that you or the petitioner is applying for, your business plan or professional plan may need to focus on different areas like: “why it is of national importance”, why a petitioner is extraordinarily qualified in the domain of the endeavor, or to clarify your investment/business ownership in a “bona fide enterprise”.

In support of hundreds of leading immigration law firms, ProfVal has reviewed and provided our services in response to thousands of RFEs (EB-1, EB-2 NIW, E-2). Our approach to professional and business plans is thus based on requirements commonly discussed by the USCIS, feedback from many of the world’s best immigration attorneys, and our own research.

Determine whether you need a business or professional plan

Business Plans

A business plan may be a better fit if you:

  • will start a business

  • will hire employees

  • will produce revenue that would enable us to make detailed financial projection

Professional Plans

A professional plan may be a better fit if you:

  • will not  start a business

  • will work for an established company or provide freelance or contract services as an individual

  • conduct research or pursue artistic endeavors

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