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H-1B स्पेशलिटी ऑक्यूपेशन एक्सपर्ट ओपिनियन लेटर

*कभी-कभी इसे H-1B विशेषज्ञ पत्र या विशेष व्यवसाय पत्र कहा जाता है

H-1B विशेषज्ञ राय पत्र क्या है?

H-1B के लिए एक विशेष व्यवसाय विशेषज्ञ राय पत्र का उपयोग संबोधित करने के लिए किया जाता है  एक पद और/या लाभार्थी की योग्यता से संबंधित USCIS विशेषता व्यवसाय आवश्यकताएँ। ProfVal के विशेषज्ञों ने अब फॉर्च्यून 500 कंपनियों, परामर्श फर्मों, छोटे व्यवसायों, स्टार्टअप्स और गैर-लाभकारी संस्थाओं द्वारा नियोजित उम्मीदवारों की ओर से पत्र लिखे हैं।

            क्या तुम्हें पता था?            


2020 की दूसरी तिमाही में 35.8%

एच1-बी याचिकाओं में से एक को आरएफई प्राप्त हुआ।

लगभग 68.2% याचिकाएँ प्राप्त हुईं  

एक RFE के बाद एक अनुमोदन।  

तुलना के लिए, 22.3% याचिकाएं

2015 में एक RFE प्राप्त किया।

USCIS, फॉर्म I-129 तिमाही रिपोर्ट (वित्त वर्ष 2015-2020 Q2)


FOUR reasons why our services are the best available

Some law firms work with us exclusively. Others work with multiple providers, but choose ProfVal when they or their family members are petitioning for a visa.  Here are four reasons why we are better than the alternatives:

  1. Each service is customized and focused on each petitioner's distinct endeavor and contributions. Some providers use boilerplate templates with minimal differentiation between petitioners. 

  2. We offer a holistic approach that enables us and experts to understand the broad implications of each endeavor.

  3. Founded by a former tenured professor and associate dean, ProfVal incorporates PhD-level research into our services. It typically takes us over 6 months of research and testing before we introduce a new product publicly.

  4. As a purpose-based company, the goal of ProfVal is to promote equality of opportunity.  In our first year, we donated more than we made.  Through our services, free content (our blog, our sister site), and support of nonprofits, our goal is to promote equality.

Learn about our Expert's Credentials

Our experts are typically professors affiliated with an accredited, nonprofit, and ranked U.S. college or university (see expertise areas, see expert qualification criteria). If your attorney prefers it, we can work with a U.S. human resource professional.  

Experts within ProfVal's community have written letters on behalf of candidates now employed by Fortune 500 companies, consulting firms, small businesses, startups, colleges and universities, and nonprofit organizations.

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