Sometimes called a position letter, a specialty occupation letter represents an expert’s evaluation of whether the duties required of an offered position requires no less than the equivalent of a US bachelor’s degree in a specific or related field.  ProfVal’s professional evaluators will examine the position duties with relation to best practices within an academic and/or professional setting and offer an expert opinion indicating whether the position requires at least a bachelor’s degree. 


In addition to a specialty occupation letter, an evaluation of a candidate’s academic credentials entails the evaluator (typically a professor) examining both the offered position and also the candidate’s academic credentials (typically an academic transcript). With this type of evaluation, the evaluator’s specialty occupation letter will include an assessment of how a candidate’s academic coursework specifically serves to fulfill the minimum qualifications of the position.


For clarification, the evaluation of academic credential qualifications is not an evaluation of the transcript; rather, it assumes that you or your candidate has earned a specialized degree from an accredited US College or University or have provided a certification of US equivalence for a foreign-earned degree.  Upon the demonstration of this equivalence, an evaluator will provide their opinion explaining how your or your candidate's coursework aligns to the academic requirements of the position.  If you require this certification, please order an Academic Transcript Evaluation).


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H-1B EOL w/ explanation of beneficiary's academic qualifications

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    If, within 7 days, you would like ProfVal to request changes to your evaluation, ProfVal will happily forward the changes you request at no cost and return the evaluation within 5-days. ProfVal or the expert(s), do however, have the right to reject any change(s) for any reason if ProfVal and/or evaluator(s) do not believe that the changes are factually correct and/or are inconsistent with our or their opinions.  Experts are contractors on behalf of ProfVal, but are not employees of ProfVal; their opinions are subjective and their independent opinions are based on their own experiences, the material provided to them by the client, and other resources that they may use.

    Changes that modify the scope of an evaluation or result from incorrect information submitted to ProfVal may result in additional fees.

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