Your SPECIALTY OCCUPATION, SPECIALTY OCCUPAITON + ACADEMIC CREDENTIAL EVALUATION, or WORK EXPERIENCE EVALUATION  includes standard 5-10 day processing.  If you need faster processing, this may be a good option for you.  You must separately purchase your specialty occupation evaluation to use this service.  Please confirm availability prior to purchasing this option.


As a reminder, we can only begin your evaluation until we have all of the documents that we need from you (instructions are provided in the download associated with the evaluation type you selected).  Hence, our days to completion schedule begins once we receive all of this information.  If a document is submitted before 1:00 PM, days to completion will be based on that day if it is a business day.  If it is not a business day, the days to completion will begin the next business day. Calculation of days to completion for projects submitted after 1:00 PM will begin on the next business day.

Add Faster Processing (3 day or 48 hour processing)