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Banking & Loans

While ProfVal can help you with your Expert Opinion Letter(s), Professional Plan, or Immigration Business Plan, we cannot provide loans. And let's be honest... moving to the U.S. is expensive.


Some of our clients have asked us for advice on moving to the U.S., so we've done the research to identify a financial services company focused on affordable and quality loans for immigrants, visa holders, and U.S. citizens. After comparing, our founder has identified a few companies that have said that they offer loans and banking services for immigrants.  They include the following:

*none of the companies below are in any way affiliated with ProfVal.

SoFi offers banking services that regularly offer interest payments

SoFi offers personal loans, often at competitive rates.  Not all visa comply with SoFi's loan requirements.

Invest in ETFs, Stocks, or Crypto

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