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Incorporate your company

We earn a commission if you use the services we recommend below.  There is no cost to you for this referral.

If your endeavor relates to starting a company, you're going to need to submit all of the documents required to get started.  It's a complex process, so we recommend that you use the registration filing company that we used.  

These are the things that we think are the most important and believe can help you to show progress in your endeavor (a USCIS criteria for various visa categories):

  • Legal Structure: different legal structures (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corporation, or nonprofit) have varying upsides and downsides.  We chose to launch ProfVal as an LLC, as it provides a structure that we are comfortable with.

  • Federal and State Filing requirements: when forming your organization, you must meet federal and state filing requirements.  If you miss something, that can cause headaches later.

  • Setting up your business bank account.

  • Business tax consultation

  • Having an EIN.

  • Developing an operating agreement

  • Having business contracts in place

  • Ensuring that your business name isn't already owned by someone else

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