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Career Coaching for Immigrants

Career Coaching - Resume Review - Mock Interviews - Salary Negotiation

While ProfVal can help you with your Expert Opinion Letter(s), Professional Plan, or Immigration Business Plan, you might want help navigating your career.  That's why we've partnered with HireClub to give our clients a discount on their services. Once you book a session, you can use the ProfVal discount code to receive $10 off of the following services:

Free career resources from ProfVal

Job interview

Why do we suggest HireClub?

We looked at dozens of career coaching services, but we feel that HireClub's offerings represent the optimal fit with the needs of our clients. Like us, they offer a combination of free and paid resources. Like us, they are dedicated to the success of their clients.


Their story is also inspirational. HireClub's founder, Ketan Anjara, is an immigrant - his dad immigrated to the U.S. on an H-1B when he was a child. And while their services are for everyone, Ketan and the company offer a capable, yet empathetic approach towards immigrant workers.  In fact, some of their career coaches are specifically trained to help persons navigating the U.S. workplace with an employment-based visa. 

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