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Business Plan or Professional Plan Order Page



Required Documents

Professional Plan

Professional Plan  from ProfVal details your credentials as they relate to your endeavor, the importance of your endeavor based on NIW criteria, why you are positioned to succeed, and how your endeavor will provide benefits to the United States. It generally aligns with the free EB-2 NIW template that we provide on our blog.  Most Professional Plans support EB-2 NIW petitions, while a minority are for EB-1 Petitions.

Essential Documents

Recommended Documents

EB-2 NIW Business Plan

An EB-2 NIW Business Plan from ProfVal describes your business proposal using a proprietary approach aligned to EB-2 NIW requirements. Sections typically include: executive summary, company description, company ownership, description of the product or services, a proprietary market analysis, an analysis of the market segments addressed, NIW analysis, competitive edge, marketing summary, management summary (with an emphasis on your contributions), a discussion of your credentials related to the EB-2, financial projections (including a proforma financial statement and an impact assessment when appropriate).

Essential Documents

  • Completed Business Plan onboarding form (expected time commitment is 5-7 hours)

  • Updated Resume

  •  Proforma document (provided after your business plan onboarding form is completed)

Recommended Documents

    • Support letters (see free template)

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